The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. International Shoes, Sneakers & Sandals Distribution Network is comprised of our officially adopted charitable organizations.  The Charitable Organizations shall operate in the United States, South Africa, West Africa, Haiti, the Caribbean, Peru, South Korea, Vietnam, India, and the European Communities.

Our current confirmed adopted charitable organizations are comprised of the following organizations; Walking 4 Breast Cancer Foundation, Ashley’s Quiett Step Foundation, ARA’s Passion Project: TAPP, The Bootsy Collins Foundation, The Jeung Yeal Kwak Family Foundation 4 Kids, King Igwe ‘Kicks 4 Kids’ Foundation, and Dr. Jacklyn Chisholm’s Love to You Foundation.

Corporate Sponsorship Partners, Private Sector Donations, Government Grants, and Fundraising Events are the Heart & Sole that will help us reach our goal of providing free shoes worldwide to needy children and families.

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