At 11 years old, LaTonya King made a split-second decision that ultimately changed the course of her life. It was a balmy spring afternoon in 2000 when she jumped into a fight to defend her younger brother, Calvin, against two neighborhood bullies. She is a Three Time World Amateur Boxing Champion. She will soon turn professional and SSS4 will be there to provide her with the Sugar Girl Boxing Shoe and Training Shoe.

LaTonya ‘Sugar Girl’ King has the right combination of JABS, HOOKS, & KNOCK-OUTS, Media Marketing Punches, Corporate Dream Spokesperson, and an advocate for Kids to Exercise, Girl’s Self-Esteem, and prevention against bullying kids.

SUGAR GIRL is already known by millions of boxing fans and has appeared on the front cover of many magazines and been featured by many global print publications. . She has also been on National TV Shows such as The David Letterman Show, Tavis Smiley, BET, and The Tyra Banks Shows. ESPN produced a 30 minute show on LaTonya Sugar Girl King.

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