Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body to protect when riding your motorcycle. Statistics have proven over 80% of motorcyclists who are injured in a crash have injuries to their legs, including 16% to feet and 23% to ankles.

Even if the crash occurs at a slow rate of speed, your feet are the part of your body that is most likely to make contact with the road.

•direct impacts with the road and feet of cyclist
•being trapped between the motorcycle and other vehicles
•being trapped between the bike and other objects like the abrasive road surface.

JM Global Shoe Distributors USA is proud of its design directions to focus on impact resistance to reduce the risk of foot injuries.

SSS4 Let's Ride Motorcycle Boot Collections design directions starts with comfort. Our SSS4 Motorcycle Boots will be at least 160 mm high from the inner soles of the boots and provide impact protection for the skins, instep, and ankles.

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