The SSS4 Women Dress Shoes ‘Fit 4 a Queen’ Collections designed by Celebrity Designer Nefertari are refreshing, bold, and brightly colored. SSS4 team of other associated shoe designers will unveil stacked heels and dress up everyday pumps; Platforms, Fancy Flats, creative designs in Denim materials, Dress Sandals and a Ladies Choice Collection of SSS4 Dress shoes styles for all occasions.

Our Co-Brand Celebrity Shoe Designer Nefertari and our SSS4 in house team of new exciting associate lady shoe designers will create the most unique collection of styles and designs imaginable. In 2015, we will have SSS4 Women Dress Shoe Design surprises Fit 4 the Ladies who truly appreciate a COMFORTABLE WELL DESIGNED GOOD SHOE!

Coming 2015 the SSS4 Women’s 'Fit 4 a Queen' Shoe Collection

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