Our SSS4 Shoe Brand Portfolio is growing its Global Footprint:
JMGSDUSA is creating weekly interest and growing global demands for our SSS4 Brand Portfolio shoe collections. The SSS4 Armed Forces Collections, the SSS4 Soccer Collections, the SSS4 Dress Shoes, Sneakers, Sandals, Motorcycle Boots, Safety Industry Shoes, W4BC by Sabrina Brooks breast cancer shoe, to name a few.

This increasing SSS4 shoe demand has been stimulated from the clever use of our strategic marketing strategy and by leveraging the more than 150 years of combined business, international trade, marketing experiences, and a network of global contacts from some of our key JMGSDUSA executive team members as well as Trustees of The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. Over the past 16 months of operations, we have easily become the fastest emerging growth shoe company in the world.  We currently have overwhelming interests to do JMGSDUSA shoe business in some the following thirty plus (30+) countries (listed below) that we have made our initial footprints in, by introducing them to our SSS4 Brand product categories of shoes.

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