How can you participate with The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc.?

  1. You can make a financial donation (individually or from your company)
  2. You can make an individual purchase of a pair of shoes and dedicate your donation in your name or company to be sent to the area of the world you desire. You can designate your purchase of a pair(s) of shoes purchased to be sent to one of our Adopted Charity Partners. (Go to our Contact Us page and leave us your comments and interests.  Important Details such as shoe sizes, item numbers, etc. will be addressed upon your submission of questions.
  3. You can Co-Host or Co-Produce a fundraising event in association with JSSF, Inc. and/or one of our Adopted Charity Organizations.

What will you receive in return for your donation or participation with the JSSF?

The person or company that purchases shoes for our needy kids will be recognized on this website section as a participating partner or sponsor. Your company brand logo will be provided with an electronic billboard space on our SSS4 Global Newsletter with a link directly to your website (optional) or a pop up message. We have many sponsorship packages available for interested sponsors.  You will receive a special Gold Certificate of Appreciation from our Chairman and the receiving charitable organization.  There are a variety of benefits such as brochures inside the shoe boxes, logos printed on the boxes, to name a few.

How can your Charity Organization be Adopted by JSSF, Inc.?

Our Adoption process of new Charitable Organization is open to any charity with a mission to help kids and needy families improve their quality of life.  We welcome your submission request. Please go to the CONTACT US page and select The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation ‘field’ of interest and leave us your questions or comments in the open box.  We will then send you our standard JSSF Charity Adoption Application. Upon receipt of your application and board evaluation, it will be determined by Board Members for special consideration.  You will be contacted shortly thereafter.  

What makes JSSF, Inc. uniquely different from other worthwhile and charity organizations with good programs similar to the JSSF?

  1. JSSF, Inc. ONLY distributes NEW PAIRS OF SHOES. All shoes are provided exclusively worldwide on behalf of JSSF by JM Global Shoe Distributors USA.
  2. JSSF, Inc. will provide in some countries supplies of Iron Supplements to fight against any health issues caused by Hookworms.
  3. JSSF, Inc. will accept requests for free shoes to needy kids year around. Our main events and distribution peak periods will be Christmas and Back-2-School.

Why does JSSF, Inc. give kids new Shoes Only, why not used Shoes, too?

Giving a needy child a new pair of shoes will have a positive impact on the child’s self-esteem and self-worth. New Shoes for School, New Shoes to help protect the feet for reasons of Health and comfort, and New Shoes to the families who cannot afford to buy a pair of new shoes for their kids are important to our goals.

What is the relationship between The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. and JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc.?

The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit (501-c3) company. JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc. is a for-profit company. These are two separately operated companies. They operate under separate Federal Tax Identification numbers (E.I.N.). The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. has entered into an exclusive agreement with JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc. to be its exclusive shoe supply source to provide the SSS4 Brand shoes to all worldwide points of distribution of shoes to needy kids on behalf of the JSSF, Inc.

How are The Jack Sims Shoes distributed to the Needy Kids worldwide?

The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. uses the distribution network of the same reliable carriers used by JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc. The JSSF Adopted Charities are the main distribution channels in organizing the recipients of the shoes.  JSSF and its team of corporate sponsors and shipping sponsors working in association with the receiving charities will provide the shipping and handling. The JSSF will also partner with established charity organizations such as US AIDS, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and other charity organizations to distribute shoes to needy kids.

The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. in association with its Adopted Charities will create permanent and temporary jobs for the administrative staffing to assist with the shoe distribution events. Volunteers are more than welcome and certainly appreciated. However, our goal to reduce the 300 million kids worldwide who have never owned a new pair of shoes will not become dependent, detoured, or delayed relying solely on upon volunteers. The Needy Kids without shoes need us NOW!

What Shoe Sizes are available for the JSSF needy kids?

Shoe sizes range from small boys and girls to larger kids who can wear adult sizes. Our team assistants will always have the proper shoe measurements tools to assure the correct size shoe is placed on every child’s foot.

Does The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation Delivery Shoes to Kids Individually?

No. The JSSF only delivers through established organizations or one of our Adopted Charities. Example: We love partnerships with Schools, Social Services, Churches, Holy Houses of Worship, City, State, and/or Federal Government Agencies. 

Does the JSSF require evidence that the kids receiving the shoes are needy?

No. We do not require evidence because we qualify the distribution through our Adopted Charities and/or our alliance charitable organizational partners are pre-screened.  We are confident in the integrity and goodwill of our partnerships.

Are any staff members of The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation present when shoes are delivered?

Yes, the JSSF has Global Footprints are in 32 countries and growing.  If the program leaders request the JSSF assistance, we will assist. We have distribution protocols and written control and organizational distribution plans that each of our participating partners will execute to assure easy and hassle free distribution of our JSSF shoes. 

Do the JSSF Board Members receive any fee for serving?

No. Although The Jack Sims Shoe Board of Directors and Board of Trustees are comprised of CEO’s, Presidents’, Kings, Dignitaries, VIPs, Celebrities, and World Leaders, these humanitarians and philanthropists who are serving in their capacity of board members on a voluntary basis. A sincere gesture straight from their hearts.

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