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MADIBA: Man of Principle & Strength Cologne is a special tribute to The 2008 Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday R5 Coin. All rights are granted to SSS4 Global Brands, Inc. for us of the coin image by Warm Autumn Investments 8 Pty., Ltd. a South Africa registered company. The rights and usage of the lithograph image of MADIBA has been granted by its lawful proprietary owner Mr. Zolani Mkiva. No duplication of this packaging or product  is permitted without the express written consent of SSS4 Global Brands, Inc. and its licensed partners. The MADIB A: Man of Principle & Strength Key Chain is the proprietary property of SSS4 Global Brands, Inc. designed in America by Michael Jumara. SSS4 Global Brands, Inc. reserves All Rights TM © 2014