“Like many martial artists I am awed by the grace, speed and power of the legend Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris and other high ranking masters inspired me to become a Master Instructor. All traditions have their great Masters and I have been fortunate to have awesome Masters in my life. Like these great Masters, my aspirations are to share the martial arts with those interested in learning”. Master Ken Smith

SSS4 is proud to present its special martial arts shoes designed by Master Ken Smith. Ken Smith was born and raised in Massachusetts. He is a former USPTA tennis professional and originally began martial arts training to improve his tennis game. He quickly realized the value and many benefits of the martial arts. For nearly thirty (30) years he has been developing his skills and knowledge to share with others.

For nearly thirty (30) years Master Ken Smith has been developing his skills and knowledge to share with others. He is a T’ai – Chi Master Instructor. He is a Martial Arts Instructor in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Master Ken was awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt in April 2011.
Master Ken Smith emphasizes in his teaching how important martial arts can be for personal and professional development. It helps to build Character and Leadership Skills. He particularly is an advocate of Self-Defense for Women. He has been educating and researching women awareness on self-defense. He frequently conducts seminars & workshops with groups of women. He created a DVD (3 sets) entitled, “First Response….Every Women’s Guide to Mindful Self-Defense.

Master Ken Smith is currently developing a reality TV Show which features his wife Carolyn and his two daughters, Crystal, a young gifted recording artist under the guidance of two major record producers (Badd-Momma Girty & John Glover) and his teenage daughter Kirsten, a teenage ballet champion. Master Ken Smith & his entire family are black belts in martial arts.

In 2009, Master Ken was the Martial Arts Choreographer for a short action movie. 

In 2012, SSS4 proudly presents Master Ken Smith’s JUST 4 KICKS martial arts shoe collections.  The World will get a BIG KICK when they wear the SSS4 JUST 4 Kicks designed by Master Ken Smith.

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