Who qualifies for membership?

▪ All new and current SSS4 Distributors
▪ All new and current Retailers
▪ Our Official Adopted Charities of JSSF, Inc.
▪ An Authorized SSS4 VIP Visitors’ Pass (one time only access)

Advantages to membership in the SSS4 Members ONLY club?

▪ Review new shoe products and designs before public release to make early bird orders or secure private labels.

▪ Review online Sales Presentations on all of the categories of SSS4 Shoe Products.

▪ Enjoy Red Carpet Customer Care Service

▪ Members are also eligible for Discounts on all JMGSDUSA and JSSF, Inc. special events, including but not limited to, Live Concerts, Championship Boxing Events, Breast Cancer Walking Events, Movie Premiers, Tropical Excursions, Special World Conferences, Celebrity Workshops, to name a few.

What is inside the SSS4 VIP Members Only Section?

This section of the website will archive very important documents that pertinent to individual members which will be held in secure Personal Electronic Vaults (E-Vault). The E-Vault will allow members to review their last order, easily replenish a current order, or make new orders rapidly while bypassing the start up applications process. The member E-Vault can only be accessed by an individual VIP member.




All SSS4 Members will be assigned an Initial Password

The SSS4 Members Only secured systems network will allow each SSS4 VIP Member to change their own personal password at any time after the initial access has been granted.

Each VIP member will be assigned a VIP Customer Number, a Country Code #, and Access Level VIP Passes.

Access SSS4 'Members Only' Cards Levels are:
Diamond Level  
Platinum Level  
Gold Level  
Silver Level  
Bronze Level  

One Time Visitor Passes are also avalable to our potential distributors, retailers, newly adopted charities, or authorized visitors.

ACCESS LEVELS: will provided entry to one or more of the following:

▪ Members Only areas:
▪ Current Distributors
▪ Current Retailers
▪ Official Adopted Charities of JSSF, Inc.
▪ SSS4 VIP Visitors Pass