In the past 18 months, Master Shoe Designer Michael Jumara has a string of 55 shoes that he has singularly designed for the JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc. He has been the Star Quarterback who has marched his SSS4 Shoe Collections down the field to fruition. His shoe design skills & talents have been cutting edge, unique, stylish, and focused on being a one of a kind.

The gifted, creative, innovative shoe designer did his homework. He has been intensely devoted and relentless in his research on key shoe design elements.

He has designed SSS4 shoes in more than 14 categories. The ability to design shoes as sneakers, military boots, soccer shoes, women dress shoes, men dress shoes, boys & girls shoes, motorcycle shoes, fire boots, construction shoes, to name a few is a feat that is so rare in the shoe industry.

Master Shoe Designer Michael Jumara is a designer of all footwear categories.

In the sports industry he would be known as a ‘Triple Threat’ which is the ability to play several position effectively enough to be on the starting team.
Jumara’s designs are not just done randomly. He prepares in research & development shoe laboratory. Michael Jumara first creates from the concept idea that has been given to him by the Director of Licensing. He creates the proprietary SSS4 shoe patterns to help define the unique one of a kind styles.

Then, care is taken in determining the various materials from leather, plastics, vinyl, grades of rubber, etc. Michael Jumara designs the otter rubber or leather soles for the shoes, decides on the sizes of the shoe lace holes or determines that the shoe may be easier to slip on and off with laces or Velcro. He designs the shoe heels and instep balances. He even determines the positions of the inner sole padding for cushion spring back effects.

Michael Jumara created a special all terrain Marine Boot known as the RAT PACK (Rugged All Terrain). He created an entire line of prison inmate shoes known as SOLE MATES 4 INMATES. He co-designed the outstanding W4BC by Sabrina Brooks breast cancer shoe. He created the SSS4 Sneaker Collections, the Soccer Collections and the Fan Appreciation Canvas Shoes.

Michael is currently developing a SSS4 Diabetic Shoe. There are 25.8 million children and adults diagnosed with Diabetes in the U.S. Michael Juamara’s has co-designs in collaboration with our Co-Celebrities. Master Shoe Designer Michael Jumara has his heart & both feet into shoe designing for his SSS4 Brands.
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