JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc. truly recognizes the importance of building a strong company mission statement. JMGSDUSA believes in the people we surround ourselves. We are blessed to have their unique skills, visions, and abilities as an intricate part of our global success team. We follow the important Golden Heart & Sole Mission Statements listed below. They are NOT SLOGANS or MOTTOES! They are the foundation of our emerging growth; the goals, dreams, behavior, culture, and strategies that are the scope of our day to day operations which will lead to our ultimate global success.

We are long-term global designers, marketers, and thinkers stepping fast and steady on a success mission, but we maintain a daily Sense of Urgency as if it were our last chance for success.

We consider it an awesome privilege to be an African-American owned Shoe Company and to be working with our family team comprised of a diverse group of people from the U.S. and around the world. . Great people working together works! It is the true heart and ‘sole’ of our success.

JMGSDUSA makes decisions that are consistently in line with our golden mission statement and the goals set forth by the company. We are intense and focused in our Search for Excellence.

Attitude is the center of our Golden Heart & Sole Mission Statement, for it is everything! We are possibility thinkers and attempt to share our positive attitudes with all those who are in our environment of doing business. Low energy people, people with excuses, people who are cynical, people who delay decision making or those who withhold vital information that will help us grow towards being #1 in the shoe industry will not be included in our future.

We expect continuous and never ending improvement of ourselves, our team members, and our global partners. We never cross the finish line; our resting place is when we are sitting among the top 3 shoe designers, creators, marketers, and distributors in the world rankings of shoe sales revenues. We never coast; we run like world class business sprinters wearing our SSS4 shoes straight into the rapidly growing shoe industry running with passion, intelligence, and global vision.

We love to reward individual success and flexibility. The revenue compensation we pay to those who work hard at JMGSDUSA is based upon the level of risk they took with us, new skills they acquired, and their individual and collective best efforts they are giving to the company.

We have set high standards for the shoes we design and distribute. Good enough never is. We pay fanatical attention to detail, regardless of time, money, inconvenience, knowledge or resources

We do not and will not surrender leadership to outside forces or to anyone within the company that slows down the forward movement of our golden mission statement. We are not reluctant to scrap a project that will result in our lost of integrity or credibility with our partners or our loyal brand customers.

We never underestimate or take our competitors for granted. We do not panic or surrender under fire. When faced with a mountain to climb, we begin by creating successful new shoe products to sell to the world. We intimidate with our success, only to dominate our windows of opportunity.

Finally, on behalf of our Chairman, CEO & Managing Director the Honorable Jack Sims; the H.O.T.C (Hand of the Chairman), COO & Director of Licensing / Global Sales / Marketing Bill Waller; our Senior Vice Presidents Mary Sims, Michael Jumara, Earl J. Sorrell, Jr., Mayor Hilliard Hampton II, and Ivan Sims; our Senior Experienced Staff Executives Team Members, Patrice Morgan and Senior Revue Partner Diane Jones, Sales Executive Fred Woodward, our Whiz Kid Junior Director Justin Sims; the talented Associate Shoe Designers Jesse Raudales, Fabrice Kibamebe Mukoko, and Omar’s Choice; our Celebrity Brands, our caused shoe program Walking 4 Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. and its Board of Directors and Board of Trustees and its adopted charities, our finance team under the strong leadership of Calvin Brown; our government shoe suppliers partners the Disabled Veterans MCFRA-VIPS under direction of Herman M. Charles-Prosper. We would like you to know we truly recognize and realize that our success is derived from great people working together and coming together as a team. The journey of any new venture begins with one giant step especially in a pair of our SSS4 quality shoes.

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