Smokey Robinson is one of the greatest songwriter of all time. He was also an Executive Team member as Vice President of Motown. It is a blessing to have one of our JMGSDUSA Executive Team members as an Associate Shoe Designer in a category that he specializes as a consumer himself. Who better to design and create the SSS4 shoe category of ‘THE SKINS’ than James ‘Omar’ Childress.

He owns close to 200 pairs of SKINS in his own personal collection. The JM Global Shoe Distributor USA, Inc. Director of Licensing Bill Waller received full support from Chairman Jack Sims to invest time, energy, and money into a line of Alligators, Lizards, Pythons Snakes, Ostrich skin shoes. Since the early days of the ‘moccasins’ shoes made popular by our American Native Indians, shoes made from skin materials have been safe, comfortable, and healthy for our feet. Stand-by for some great designs in 2012.

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