Our Associate Celebrity Shoe Designer for the Cure of Breast Cancer is the enthusiastic, passion driven
Sabrina Brooks. She is a very special design talent. This brilliant young educator and former All American Basketball Player who is the owner of a U.S. Patent for inventing a sports bag she named ‘My A-Game Bag’
which carries shoes. Sabrina Brooks is a strong advocate for Breast Cancer.

Sabrina Brooks is the Founder of Walking 4 Breast Cancer. She was inspired to create our SSS4 historic W4BC by Sabrina Brooks breast cancer shoe after speaking to her long-time friend and former business agent Brand Master Bill Waller.  The result of their conversation was a ways and means to help with fundraising opportunities to assist with a cure and awareness of breast cancer.

Sabrina Brooks teamed with SSS4 Master Designer Michael Jumara and together they created a master piece dedicated breast cancer shoe branded ‘Walking 4 Breast Cancer (W4BC) by Sabrina Brooks.

Proudly Holding a pair of the SSS4 W4BC by Sabrina Brooks ( Shown Above)

Sabrina Brooks and Michael Jumara are currently developing a W4BC by Sabrina Brooks Breast Cancer pink bowling shoe and golf shoe. Sabrina Brooks is also working on a project known as ‘Colors for the Cures’. She is a modern day Joan of Arc in her quest for a ‘Cures of Cancer’. JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc. is proud to have her on our design team. The world will see big things from Sabrina Brooks.

Ms. Sabrina Brooks was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a naturally gifted, self-taught painter who specializing in Art for breast cancer. Her paintings have been referred to as passionate, spiral and emotional.
In 1992, Ms. Brooks was a teacher and coached boys’ basketball at Washington High School in Milwaukee, WI. She helped to lead the basketball team to a State Championship in 1993 and State Runner-Up in 1997 and 2000.

Sabrina is a former 1988 Olympic and Pam American Games hopeful and was also an All-American basketball player while attending Mobley Junior College in 1986. In 1987, she was Voted Women’s Basketball MVP at the University of Nebraska. Sabrina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (2000) as well as a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership Quality (2009).

JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc. stands 110% behind and side by side with this remarkable lady who is on a real mission. Her mother and her aunt are breast cancer survivors. Her sister was taken by breast cancer. Sabrina Brooks is a real Fighter.

We are proud to have this Lady Champion on our SSS4 Co-Celebrity Design Team.

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