Our JM Global Shoe Distributors USA associate shoe designer OMAR has seen and worn more Alligators,
Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards, and Ostriches than the famous Crocodile Dundee and Davy Crockett combined.  
SSS4 has something special for the shoe buyers who desire some of the natural materials we offer for men and the selection of OMAR’s Pics … the Ladies Choice of ‘SKINS’.

The SSS4 collections of Omar Pics ‘The Skins’ offer unique shoes designs made from  Ostrich, Lizard, Alligator, Snake,  and/or  combinations of two (2) natural skins featured on one single shoe design; including but not limited to,  Alligator & Ostrich, Crocodile & Ostrich, Ostrich Leg & Ostrich, Crocodile & Suede, and Python Snake & Suede.  Here is a brief showroom glance at what’s ahead in 2012 from Omar’s Pics ‘The Skins’.

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