William Earl ‘Bootsy’ Collins has been called by music experts ‘The Best Bass Guitar Player’ of all times. The 1997 Rock ‘n’ Roll inductee is truly a global musical icon. He is a songwriter, singer, composer, producer, session player, music professor and curator at his online base college ‘Funk University (Funk U) teaching the theory of the Funk and Playing the Bass. He is an entrepreneur and enjoys giving back to the communities that have helped to make famous, especially giving to the kids.

He recently formed The Bootsy Collins Foundation to express his appreciation.

Bootsy used the sounds of kid’s voices on his first of many gold and platinum records that he has recorded over the years. The voices of kids on his first album yelled out! “Hey Bootsy, Hey Bootsy why do you wear those sunglasses ….are you a Superstar? …Bootsy answered in his smooth and cool voice, “TWINKLE TWINKLE BABY! He told the truth in the very beginning and today he has become more than just a Superstar. He worked hard to become a Legend and finally won respect to reach his current status as a Global Music and Personality Icon!

A Rhinestone Rock Star Monster of a Doll Baby # 1 Funkateer Bootsy Baby!
His older brother the late & great Legendary Lead Guitar Player Phelps Catfish Collins taught him how to play the guitar. Bootsy was inspired by Jimi Hendrix and mentored by the God Father of Soul James Brown who made Bootsy a member of the JB’s Band when he was still a minor. James Brown was like a father to him.

100 years from now, when the history of modern African-American popular music is written, Bootsy Collins will be remembered as one of the most influential figures in Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Psychedelic Soul, Reggae-Funk, Rock ‘n’ Roll-Funk, and P(pure)-Funk.   He is the one of the architects of the funk style of music. The # 1 Funkateer of all times!

As a member of James Brown's band in the late 1960s, as a collaborator in the explosion of creativity that resulted in the bands Funkadelic and Parliament in the early 1970s, and as an immensely successful solo artist Bootsy opened new creative frontiers with his bass playing, his songwriting, his vocals, and his stage performances.

Bootsy set the pace with his trademark psychedelic stovepipe, knee-high platform boots and star-studded bass guitars, and Star Glasses. He is a dream marketing machine and his loved all over the world by millions of fans.

"The secret that I learned," said Bootsy from his Bootzilla Word Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, "is that you cannot tell the Universe what to do. When the Universe is ready, it will tell you — and then you got to be ready”.

JM Global Shoe Distributors USA, Inc. is proud and blessed to have Bootsy Collins to design the Bootsy’s Funky Boots Collections and join the Universe of Shoe Wearers. Bootsy’s Funky Boots designed by Bootsy Collins  will be manufactured with the finest grade of premium smooth soft leather, suede, and/or a suede-leather combination. The styles, colors, and designs will be unique and fashionable to wear to any special event or just out on a causal Saturday afternoon with a pair of jeans.  Some pairs of Bootsy’s Funky Boots Collections will be knee high, angle high, or mid-calf. His personally designed signature boots will be the most unique  boots on the market for men with style.

"What all of this — my music, my life — is about, is liberty," Bootsy explains. "It's about pursuing the sounds and ideas and things that you believe in and that you feel. The best music urges you to open your mind and your heart and take a bigger look at the world and what you can bring to it.” Bootsy Collins will bring the world Bootsy's Funky Boots in 2012…

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