We are rapidly shifting gears towards celebrating our 4th year anniversary as the SSS4 Brand. We could not have emerged into the extension of our SSS4 Global Brand without the support of our ingenious, committed, dedicated and courageous SSS4 executive team members whose pictures appear in this section of our website. We are blessed to have had the continuously growing faith of our distinguished supporters, family and friends and our SSS4 partners around the world.
This is the announcement of the official launch of the SSS4 Global Brands Collections of SSS4 Shoes, Apparel, Gifts Fragrances, Sports & Entertainment Division, Global Broadcast Syndication (in association with CHS-TV Network, Inc.) Global Brands partnership with Warm Autumn Investments 8 (Pty), Ltd., Global Brands partnership with UMUSA Distributors (Pty), Ltd., The Jack Sims Foundation, Inc. (501-c3) in partnership with RFOA (Righteous Funds of Africa), The Jack Sims Foundation, Inc. partnership with Reverend Barbara Powell’s Blessing in a Box Shoe Box Ministry, The Jack Sims Shoe Foundation, Inc. in partnership with Hunger Games Are No Fun, just to name a few of the SSS4 Brand’s many extension Programs.  

SSS4 Global Brands Properties include 11 powerful Celebrity Global Brands. We would like to give our highest praise and thanks to the many associates around the world and especially to the handful of powerful, intelligent, and dedicated SSS4 Executives for helping us to make this dream come to fruition. 

In any company the key executives cannot create future success single-handedly; they must develop the brand in a constellation of teams working together as one.  We call our team “SSS4 Subject Matter Experts”.  Each of our executive team members brings their own unique, special talents to the company.  The exclusive business skills our SSS4 Team possesses have and will continue to assist us in creating superior SSS4 Global Brand Products to the world.

The best kind of commitment from our SSS4 Executive Team members is a single-minded passion for what they do, their unwavering desire for excellence in the way they think and the way they work. The genuine confidence they hold is what launches them out of bed each morning and throughout their day as they exercise positive energy in the execution of activities.

However, we do not measure progress by these yardsticks alone; we measure our progress by the success of our SSS4 Executive Team and our global partners. We measure our success by the quality of new jobs that we are creating and how a handful of diverse people from around the world with big ideas are helping to turn our dreams into a thriving SSS4 Global Brands worldwide operation.  We measure our ultimate progress by the opportunities we create to help “IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE” for needy kids and families. We will pass this same quality of life on to our partners, our children and children’s children for generations to come.  Still in my heart I will be forever humbled by and work for the kids who have never owned a new pair of shoes. And I know we must continue to reduce this number globally.  All God’s children should have a NEW PAIR OF SSS4 SHOES.

An individual has inherent limitations. Working in a strong team joined together like ten or more arrows will allow an effective division of duties, with each person undertaking what they are good at and passionate about doing while never losing focus on a specific target to accomplish maximum effectiveness as an Executive Team and Company, hitting the Bull’s-eye of Success!